Hi, I’m Jess Kassel and I’ve been transforming how people feel about themselves for over 25 years as a hairdresser and hair stylist. My vocation is to help people build confidence in themselves from the outside in.

I’m often asked how to promote healthy looking hair and for years I have been recommending silk pillowcases, to save my clients time and energy in the morning by waking up with smoother hair, glowing skin and feeling rested after a great night of shut-eye.

Taking care of yourself is at the heart of my philosophy for healthy hair and skin.

That’s why I’ve created my new Shuti collection of the best quality silk pillowcases to help you relax into a great night sleep while rewarding your hair and skin with the natural benefits of sleeping on luxury mulberry silk.

Nobody should have to justify treating themselves to some self-care in such challenging times. And there’s no better way than with something you know you’ll use every night, that works for you while you sleep. To save you time and energy. To promote smoother, healthier hair and skin, giving you the confidence to show up in the world!

Life’s too short to sleep on anything but the best. My Shuti pillowcases and silk sleep accessories are an essential luxury for you and those you love.