5 Ways to Elevate Your Hair Care Routine

When it comes to hair care, the journey to beautiful healthy hair is ongoing. Small changes can make significant improvements. 


Being a hair expert for 20+ yrs, I understand the importance of a comprehensive hair care routine. Elevating your hair care goes beyond the basic wash and dry routine—it's about embracing a holistic approach that nourishes your hair from root to tip and also creating something that will leave you looking and feeling fabulous every day!

Here are five fabulous ways to take your hair care game to the next level;


Lady in shower washing hair
Imagine a tranquil setting , soft lighting, subtle aromas in the air, use these as a canvas for your hair care routine. This is all about creating that dreamy experience that takes you beyond the every day! 
Instead of hurriedly washing and conditioning, turn it into a self-care moment. Slow down, exfoliate your scalp as you gently massage through your favourite shampoo. Allow the warm water to relax you, and as you rinse, visualise the stress of the day melting away.

For many  of us, this might be one of the rare occurrences when we can take a few moments to ourselves so why not make the most of it?! 



Just as you pamper your skin with different masks and serums, your hair deserves specialised treatments too. 

Bowl of avocado, honey, lemon and a hair comb

Hair care doesn’t have to be expensive.

Experiment with DIY hair masks using natural ingredients. Avocado, honey and Olive oil for nourishment or Coconut oil mask for dry hair, apply to the ends only and leave on overnight—create your own concoction tailored to your hair's unique needs. Pamper your hair with a spa day and give it the treat it needs. 

A little extra love goes a long way and your hair will thank you for it!


Brushing your hair isn't just about detangling, it also helps distribute natural oils, which are essential for hair and scalp health. 

Remember hair is at its weakest whilst wet. Opt for a wide-tooth comb or a wet brush, like a Tangle Teezer, and approach it with care. Start a few inches from the bottom and slowly working your way up the strands in small sections and short strokes, patiently unraveling any knots. This brushing technique not only prevents breakage but also stimulates your scalp, promoting healthy hair growth. 


Sometimes, less is more. Embrace the beauty of a minimalist hair care routine. 

Invest in high-quality, multi-purpose products that simplify your regimen without compromising on results. Opt for a nourishing shampoo and conditioner duo, and a heat protector as a must if you style your hair using heat. However, if you are really looking to achieve a stylish look without the damage, high quality silk styling tools, maybe a safer investment. 

shampoo and conditioner set
Streamlining your routine not only saves time but also allows your hair to breathe and thrive without being weighed down by excessive products.



Are you still sleeping on a cotton pillowcase? Have you thought about swapping for silk? 


Silk pillowcases on a bed with a silk eye mask

If not, it's time to make the switch. Silk pillowcases are more than just a luxurious indulgence; they're a game changer for your hair. Unlike cotton, silk doesn't absorb moisture, allowing your hair to retain it's natural oils and reducing friction that can cause breakage. Wake up with less tangles, less frizz, and a whole lot of sleekness. 

Silk pillowcases help you relax into a great night's sleep, whilst rewarding your hair and skin, I have been using silk for years and have not looked back. This was my inspiration behind Shuti and everything that followed, our silk pillowcases are still our best sellers.

If you are looking to take your hair care to the next level (and experience all of the other beauty benefits too!) then they are the perfect investment piece. Our Shuti pillowcases will transform a great night’s sleep into a day of great looking hair.

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